A couple of weeks ago, Howard Stern reached out to David Choe on Twitter in search of a critique for a recent water painting.

Howard 100 News’ Shuli Egar tracked down Choe to get his professional opinion.

“First of all, when it comes to painting … there’s oil, acrylic, water colors, spray paint, and everyone always thinks you’re a bad ass if you’re a graffiti artist,” Choe said. “But really, the most hard medium to paint with is water color.”

Choe was highly complimentary of what he’s seen of Howard’s work.

He’s actually more of an artist than most artists I know. Because artists aren’t really good at talking, so that’s why they express themselves through painting and music and whatever. And here’s a guy that’s expressing balls out. Huge balls. So when you have someone that’s a painter, they’re usually more shy and introverted, and drawing in their sketchbook. And when you’re broadcasting – Howard’s talking four hours a day – it’s literal. Words are literal. As he gets older and starts to chill out more, he’s going to find the most joy in painting, because you can still express everything you want. But it doesn’t have to be literal.

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