Daniel Bryan blown away by emergence of ‘Yes!’ chant in pro sports

What once started as an attempt by a heel WWE wrestler to aggravate pro wrestling fans is now the rallying cry of the fan bases of two professional teams in two major sports.

“The Giants thing was unbelievable,” Daniel Bryan told Casey Stern this week on MLB Network Radio, referring to San Francisco’s adoption of his “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant. “The first time I saw it, what, Hunter Pence had 40,000 people chanting ‘Yes!’ at the stadium.”

The New York Islanders, owners of the fourth-best record in the NHL, also lead their fans in the “Yes!” chant at center ice after each home win. Bryan, who doesn’t spend much time on social media, said he just found out “like a week or two ago.”

Bryan told Stern the story of how he adopted the chant.

“One of my favorite UFC fighters, his name is Diego Sanchez, he would come to the ring and he would do it to fire himself up,” Bryan said. “Like, he would pump his fist and go, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!,’ as he’d come to the ring, and I was like, that is awesome.”

Bryan will look to get back into the WWE championship picture – he missed several months of action due to an injury – Sunday night in the Royal Rumble. Listen to reaction to the pay-per-view Monday at 2 pm ET on SiriusXM Sports Zone’s Busted Open Radio.

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