Danica McKellar of The Wonder Years still gets approached by ‘creepy dads’

If you hear “With a Little Help from My Friends” and immediately think of The Wonder Years, you’re probably familiar with the show’s character Winnie Cooper. The iconic show filmed in the early ’90s took place in the late ’60s and early ’70s, following the life of teenager Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) while narrated by adult Kevin Arnold (Daniel Stern). Played by Danica McKellar, Cooper was Arnold’s main high school love interest — and the first crush for a lot of viewers.

McKellar stopped by Sirius XM Stars (Ch. 109) to sit down with host Michelle Collins and talk about the newest installment in her line of math books for girls, Do Not Open This Math Book. McKellar originally went to the University of California, Los Angeles as a film major, but she switched to mathematics after taking one math class.

Listen to McKellar’s full interview on SiriusXM Stars (Ch.109) now, and check out the videos with Michelle Collins below.

Danica McKellar hopes more young women pursue math

Does Danica McKellar still get approached by creepy dads?

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