Cybill Shepherd dishes on ‘doing the nasty’ with Elvis and the early days of her career

She got into some of the more scandalous details in her book (“This man loved to eat, but there was one thing he wouldn’t eat until he met me …”), but Cybill Shepherd had only sweet memories of her former beau Elvis on Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy this week.

“We could’ve been best friends if he lived longer … He was a lovely, lovely person,” she said. “I think he felt much more comfortable at Graceland, in Memphis, than he felt anywhere else in the world.”

Shepherd also reflected on the early days of her career and how she had to prove herself when she moved to New York in 1968.

“People thought that my brain was blonde. And that’s a mistake.”

And while the 65-year-old looks more beautiful than ever today, she says it all comes from within (and from genetics).

“We open our hearts to people and we give and we stay present.”

And, of course, her grandson Elijah. “That is the greatest joy … beyond belief beautiful.”

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