Cowboys, Seahawks, Lions, Cardinals … Which team is king in the NFC?

The Arizona Cardinals own the conference’s best record. The Seattle Seahawks are the defending champs. The Detroit Lions just got their Megatron back. And the Dallas Cowboys are … well … the Dallas Cowboys.

So which team is the best team in the NFC?

Hosts and guests from SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio and Mad Dog Sports Radio gave their takes following Week 10.

Kirk Morrison: Don’t count out the Cards (yet)

I’m not gonna put the season away for them yet. They won ball games with Drew Stanton at quarterback. I think the test comes this week. The test comes if this team’s gonna be a contender or pretender because they play the Detroit Lions. And right now in my power rankings going for Week 11 … the two top teams in the NFC right now to me are the Detroit Lions and the Arizona Cardinals.

Dan Levy and Josh Zerkle: The case for the Lions

“Cardiac or not, they’re finding ways to win,” Levy said. “They’ve been winning with their defense, only giving up 16 points. It’s pretty clear this is the best defense, at least scoring defense, in all of football. And now, you have your offense back.”

“With Calvin Johnson, they certainly can be” the best team in the NFC, Zerkle added. “It’s impressive the way that the Lions were able to play without Calvin Johnson. … He had 15 targets (in Week 10), caught seven balls for 113 yards and a score, and you know Stafford is going to look for him on every single play. You just have to account for him all the time.”

Evan Cohen: Don’t sleep on the champs

They won the Super Bowl last year, they’re getting accustomed to their new kind of roster, minus Percy Harvin here. I thought Seattle had an impressive late-game performance against the Giants … I still, above all else, trust Seattle. I think they have a good chance of winning the division. They play Arizona twice, and Arizona twice without Carson Palmer, Seattle is the team to me to look at right now, even as the six-seed.

Mike Babchik: America’s Team

I don’t buy the Seahawks. The best team in the NFC is still the Dallas Cowboys … The Seahawks have problems on the field.

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