Count down the hits with exclusive shows powered by Billboard!

Each week, we’re bringing you songs that take you back through the decades with exclusive countdown shows powered by Billboard.

’60s Satellite Survey (Ch. 6)
Each week, Lou Simon looks back at a top 40 chart from
“this week in the ’60s.” You’ll hear the hits as well as long-forgotten
singles, plus plenty of Motown, British stars, novelty records,
instrumentals, folk rock, and lots more.

Big 40 Countdown (Ch. 8)
Original MTV VJs Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood,
Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn count down the Big 40 hits
of the ’80s, highlighting a specific week of a particular year
from the “decade of excess!”

The Back in The Day Replay Countdown (Ch. 9)
Former MTV VJ Downtown Julie Brown counts down the
30 biggest songs of the week from a particular year in the ’90s.


The Pop2Kountdown on Pop2K (Ch. 10)
Every week, we play the top 30 songs of that week — from
a different year of the 2K decade.


Prime CountryPrime Country’s Prime 30 (Ch. 58)
Host Mike Terry counts down the hits that had us boot scootin’ in the ’80s and ’90s.


Y2Kountry’s Throwback 30 (Ch. 61)
Host Trace Adkins plays some of the biggest hits from the 2000s. And both countdown shows are

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