Connie Britton talks about getting cozy with ‘the most extraordinary cast’ in her new film This Is Where I Leave You

Connie Britton, the Emmy Award winning Nashville actress starring in the new film This Is Where I Leave You, opened up to OUT Q’s Larry Flick, last week. Giving credit to director Shawn Levy in bringing together “the most extraordinary cast” for the film, she said, “Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver, Kathryn Hahn, Cory Stoll, I mean it’s just this incredible list of incredibly amazing comedic actors, but also just actors period.”
Britton goes on to reminisce about some of the highlights of working with and becoming close with her cast mates. “We were really in this house on Long Island for twelve to fourteen hours a day … It really impacted the feeling of the movie because we were just hanging out for all of these hours and we just loved it. We would just laugh and tell stories and play Words with Friends, and there would be this big bed in the room that could fit four people at one time, it just was really wonderful to have that time together,” she said.
Britton also discusses how she chooses her roles. “I’m very much about the storytelling … It’s very important to me not only on who the character is and what the character’s going through, but also what that character’s importance is in the big picture.”
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