Despite what the Beyonce videos and glossy magazine headlines may tell you, the modern women is often caught in a sexual identity crisis. We are instructed by media, society and even our loved ones to both be sexual and sexy but not too sexual. Be it the fault of age-old patriarchal systems or misinformed feminists’ reactions to them, the modern woman cannot seem to win. And according to Shawna Renee this mixed messaging starts young. She argues that the girls who will become women are being taught the wrong things about handling the advances of boys who will become men – and unfortunately, those boys are not being taught anything at all.

“Not only do we teach the girls that they have to fight back against the advances of the boys, but they also have to fight their own biological impulses. We don’t teach the boys to fight those biological impulses, we just acknowledge them as part of life,” Renee voiced. “Girls grow up to be women who are required to do the very same thing.”

At the same time, Renee noted that women seem to equate all attention from men with sexual harassment.

“We are so far removed from just basic human decency,” Renee stated. “I’m supposed to be mad ’cause a brother tells me to smile? I’m supposed to be mad because a brother gives me a compliment? I’m supposed to be mad ’cause a brother says ‘Hello.’ Really?”

“Don’t keep telling these women that they ought not care about being in relationships,” Renee declared. “It is in our nature and our DNA and who we are to want to connect.”

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