Cobie Smulders talks the end of HIMYM and the beginnings of her cheese addiction

Whether you’ve been obsessed since the beginning or regularly binge-watch a season (or five) each weekend, How I Met Your Mother will be over in less than a week, and none of us really know how to handle it.

The CBS sitcom hit premiered in 2005, and for nine years, audiences have laughed with (and at) Ted Mosby and the MacLaren’s Pub regulars. The New York City-based series has been likened to NBC’s Friends, which is a huge compliment according to Friends fan and HIMYM star Cobie Smulders.

Smulders, who is SELF magazine’s April cover girl, recently stopped by SiriusXM STARS to discuss the show’s upcoming series finale (airing Monday 3/31 at 8 pm ET). She also touched on getting the travel bug during her early career as a model (she lived in Japan for two months!) as well as her love of cheese. The latter was inspired by her Dutch father, who once cried when he could not bring an entire cheese wheel through customs! Hear the hilarious story below.

“Girl, I could talk about cheese all day,” Smulder joked. “We went to Mexico on a family vacation. We were going for about two or three weeks, and [my father] could not live without his Gouda cheese, so he brought a WHEEL…He packed one in his suitcase and it weighed about 20 pounds, and he got stopped at customs. They confiscated his Gouda. That was the only time I’ve seen my father cry.”

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Photo credit: David Gubert for SELF

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