Two weeks ago, Yahoo! sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski penned a column titled, “NBA needs to pull stars from USA Basketball, which is showcasing only Duke’s coach.” In the column, Wojnarowski took several shots at Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski, alleging Coach K used his standing as Team USA’s head coach to gain an edge on prospective college recruits. Wojnarowski also reported that the photo taken of Coach K and Paul George following George’s horrific injury in a USA basketball pick-up game was staged, not candid, in an attempt to drum up positive publicity for Krzyzewski.

This week on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Coach K responded to the allegations, claiming Wojnarowski’s “whole article was wrong.”

Two things. One was that you get access to all these players. The guys I coach are pros. That’s who I have access to. I think in a nine-year period, there are two days where I had access or I watched the younger teams play. The younger teams are coached by college coaches who have access to them for a month at a time, or a selection committee that is there for four days every time they try out. And I don’t begrudge those guys. But to say that I have this advantage without looking up the facts, it’s wrong. It was wrong, it was very misleading.

And there is one inference about me; you know Paul George suffered a horrific injury and in one of the stops in the hospital, there is a picture taken of me in an emotional moment where I was hugging him. And it was during a half-hour stay, and I came in secretively. And I never took the picture, I never knew the picture was taken. And it was a good picture; two friends sharing an emotional moment. And his family was there, and one member of his family took the picture. And in this day and age, it was a neat thing, so they tweeted it. And the article said that I had orchestrated to have my picture taken with him so that it would show to parents what a good guy I am. It’s ridiculous.

Krzyzewski continued:

“We recruited real well before I was the USA coach. I wouldn’t be the USA coach unless we would’ve recruited real well and won beforehand. And I’m sorry that those views were put out there, and some of the facts were not substantiated. But that’s what happens at times, so we just move on.”

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