Clinton: ‘We cannot contain this threat, we must defeat it.’

The worst mass shooting in U.S. history took place in the early hours Sunday morning at a gay club in Orlando, Fla. 50 people are dead and another 53 are wounded after a 29-year-old gunman opened fire at Pulse Nightclub. President Obama called the shooting “an act of terror and an act of hate” when delivering remarks from the Brady Briefing Room Sunday.

Both party’s presumptive presidential candidates refocused their scheduled campaign events, opting to deliver speeches on the terrorist attacks in Orlando. Their remarks following the shooting have drawn a stark contrast between the two individuals vying for the nation’s highest office.

Donald Trump spoke with Stephen K. Bannon on Breitbart News Daily Monday highlighting his proposed plan to combat ISIS and his take on the “Muslim communities” in the United States.

“The first thing I’d do is stop more people from coming in, they’re pouring in by the thousands from Syria,” Trump said. “We need better intelligence gathering information and if we don’t get it fast, we’re going to be in trouble.”

On the Orlando shooting, Trump continued saying, “you’ll find with this maniac that many people in the community knew that he was off, that he was going to explode, and they don’t report him.”

Hillary Clinton emphasized that “we cannot demonize, demagogue, and declare war on an entire religion” during remarks in Cleveland, Ohio Monday.

“We know already the barbarity we face from radical jihadists is profound,” Clinton said. “The attack in Orlando makes it even more clear, we cannot contain this threat, we must defeat it.”

During the attack at the nightclub, the gunman, who has been identified as Omar Mateen, placed a call to 911 pledging his loyalty to the Islamic State. Mateen had been the subject of two F.B.I. investigations (one in 2013 and another in 2014), but on both occasions they were unable to verify any links to terrorism.

In his prepared remarks in Manchester, N.H., Trump emphasized that “even our own FBI Director has admitted that we cannot effectively check the backgrounds of the people we are letting into America.” However, in the case of the shooting in Orlando, the attacker was a U.S. born citizen.

The act of domestic terrorism has renewed the conversation about how to combat lone wolf attackers and calls for changes to our current firearm policy. All of the guns used in the attack were purchased legally by Mateen who also had a license to carry firearms in the state of Florida.

“We must ensure that the weapons that were used last night never fall into the hands of terrorists and other violent criminals,” Clinton wrote on her Facebook page. “Weapons of war have no place in our streets.”

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