Clinton campaign manager laughs at state of Trump campaign

#TrumpSoPoor began trending on the internet after staggering new numbers released by both presidential campaigns showed Donald Trump with a shockingly low war chest containing $1.3 million (Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has more than $42 million). On the campaign payrolls, Trump employs 69 people compared to Clinton’s 685 staffers. 

When asked about the radically different sizes of the two campaigns, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook let out a chuckle. “Look, Donald Trump has his strategy and we have ours.”

Mook added that Trump found success in the primary with his “lean organization and a hateful, divisive, bigoted message.”

“I think Donald Trump is making a mistake,” Mook told Ari Rabin-Havt Monday. “I think it’s going to hurt him in the general election.”

Mook switched gears from talking about Clinton’s general election opponent to discuss about her primary rival. He offered words of praise to Sen. Bernie Sanders and his campaign manager Jeff Weaver adding, “I actually voted for Bernie Sanders three times as a native Vermonter.”

“It’s really important to us moving forward that [Sanders supporters] know this campaign is their campaign too, the Democratic party is their Democratic party,” Mook added. “We’ve got to make sure Donald Trump does not become our next president.”

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