What, you say — still hungover from those 2014 midterms? Well you better start rehydrating: The 2016 Iowa caucuses are just a little over a year away. But before we get a snootful of presidential campaign politics, let’s pause and share a toast to the top political stories of 2014.

Julie Mason, host of the Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel 124, counted down 2014’s top 10 (and one for good luck) with Caren Bohan of Reuters, Margaret Talev from Bloomberg Politics and Jen Bendery from the Huffington Post.

10. Executive action: President Obama’s year of action, the slightly mocked but still somewhat effective “pen and phone” second term strategy.

9. CIA torture report: The Senate Intelligence Committee’s long-awaited, only somewhat redacted report on the use of torture on detainees after 9/11 generated strenuous headlines — but probably few reforms.

8. Bob McDonnell: Once a rising star in the Republican Party, the former governor of Virginia is facing the possibility of years in prison following conviction on federal corruption charges.

7. Midterm elections: Republicans swamped Democrats nationwide to seize control of the Senate and bump up their numbers in the House. The president shrugged off the results, saying he’s not changing his gameplan.

6. Bowe Bergdahl: The bizarre story of a U.S. Army soldier held prisoner by the Taliban, his release and possible court martial.

5. Eric Cantor: The enigmatic House Majority Leader lost his primary bid to a little-known tea party challenger. But don’t cry for Cantor — he quickly scored a job with a boutique investment bank on Wall Street.

4. Ebola: The hype and hysteria did little to teach Americans geography, but the panelists agreed the White House did a pretty good job managing the crisis, including hiring an “ebola czar.”

3. Immigration: A crisis on the border created political headaches for the Obama administration, but Congress was probably never going to do comprehensive reform, anyway.

2. VA Scandal: An initial report by CNN about the VA in Phoenix created a maelstrom that cost one Cabinet member his job and led to the massive overhaul of a major government agency. That work is still not finished.

1. Racial Justice: Ferguson, the Garner case, protests — the top political story of the year highlighted problems, perceptions and inequities in the American justice system. “This is a systemic problem,” the president said.

And one extra: Cuba! President Obama moved toward normalizing relations with Cuba, touching off a furious political debate in Washington and particularly among potential 2016 candidates for president.

What did we miss? What’s on your top 10? What does this list mean for Hillary? Tweet @juliemason and listen to the Press Pool weekdays from 3-6 p.m. on POTUS channel 124.

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