New UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman stopped by SiriusXM Wednesday to talk with Steve Cofield on SiriusXM Fight Club about his match against Anderson Silva at UFC 162.

Since Sunday’s main event, Silva has come under scrutiny for his actions during the fight. The now-former champ appeared at times to not take Weidman seriously, often gesturing toward or toying with the Long Island native when the pair would square up. But while UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones suggested that Silva’s actions were disrespectful, Weidman said it was just Spider being Spider.

“You gotta realize, Anderson Silva has done this in every one of his fights,” Weidman said. “If he was doing that and then knocked me out, no one’s saying anything; it’s just that he put on a show.

“He does it to get into his opponents’ heads, he does it with the intent to win,” Weidman continued. “So he’s not just doing it to be disrespectful.”

Listen to a preview of the segment below, and hear the whole interview when it first airs Thursday at 4 pm ET on SiriusXM Fight Club, Sirius channel 92 and XM channel 208.

Warning: Explicit audio

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