Chris Lindstrom Shares Insights on Falcons’ Bijan Robinson & Offseason Progress

In a recent interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Atlanta Falcons guard Chris Lindstrom provided insights into the team’s offseason progress and his own preparations for the upcoming season. Lindstrom discussed the team’s culture under head coach Arthur Smith and the excitement surrounding rookie Bijan Robinson.

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Conclusion of Falcons OTAs

Reflecting on the conclusion of OTAs, Lindstrom emphasized the significance of the break that follows. After several months of intense training and bonding with teammates, the month-long hiatus offers an opportunity for decompression and mental rejuvenation before the start of the new season. Lindstrom expressed his enthusiasm for this period, likening it to the anticipation of the first day of school during childhood.

“It’s always a special time of the year because you just got [almost] three months of solid work with each other and kind of really started the next chapter of a new team and a new season. That month break is always kind of like an exciting time to decompress for a little bit right before the start of the season.”

Head Coach Arthur Smith

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Lindstrom expressed gratitude for being a part of the Falcons organization and highlighted the positive impact of Coach Smith’s leadership. He praised the team’s commitment to being mentally tough, physically dominant, well-conditioned, and disciplined.

“I’m super fortunate to be here and be in this organization, and it’s something that I appreciate more every day. And when Coach Smith came in, he said we’re gonna be a mentally tough, physical, well-conditioned, and disciplined team. And I think that’s the foundation and standard that he set, and that was our expectation.”

Bijan Robinson

As the interview touched on the Falcons’ offseason acquisitions and draft picks, Lindstrom expressed excitement about the new additions to the team. He emphasized the importance of a competitive environment where every player pushes each other to reach their full potential. Specifically, Lindstrom touched upon the respect he has gained for rookie Bijan Robinson.

“[Bijan Robinson is] a talented player and a great guy and something that Bijan did… [he] went out and texted us, texted the O-line, just saying that he was excited to work with us like within two days of being drafted,” expressed Lindstrom. “That was really cool… And getting to know [him] now over OTAs, it’s just who he is, caring for others and [he has] excitement to work always with the team… That really reflects how great he is.”

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