Chipper Jones is an MLB legend, but he’s not very popular with his high school prom date

Chipper Jones is one of the greatest baseball players to ever grace the diamond. He’s a hero in Atlanta. And he can tell a story with the best of them. However, Jones admits he’s not so popular with his high school prom date.

To be fair, it’s kind of Todd Van Poppel’s fault. Jones explains that when Poppel opted to not enter the MLB Draft, it opened the door for the Braves legend to receive the No. 1 overall pick.

“So, I’m about ready to go to prom. I’m in my tux, got me a nice date and my dad calls and says the Atlanta Braves want to meet with me in Daytona to discuss my signability about being the No. 1 pick in the draft,” Jones said. “I was in my car and I was gone. My date hasn’t spoken to me since.”

During Chipper’s interview with Casey Stern for MLB Network Radio (Sirius Ch. 209, XM Ch. 89), he also got a laugh at John Smoltz’s expense and explained what the best part is about being an Atlanta Brave.

Looking for more about Chipper’s remarkable journey to the top of the MLB? Check out his new book, “Ballplayer,” out now.

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