Bradley Sowell says Bears ‘on track to changing culture’ after win vs. Rams

When thinking about scoring weapons on the Chicago Bears, Bradley Sowell isn’t the first name that likely comes to mind. That’s because he plays offensive tackle.

Yet, after what Sowell did Sunday night in the Bears’ 15-6 victory against the Los Angeles Rams, he’ll at least become the answer to a trivia question. As in, who had more points than Rams running back Todd Gurley in the game? Yup, it was Sowell, who caught a 2-yard touchdown pass from Mitchell Trubisky in a game where the normally high-flying Rams were held to a pair of field goals.

‘There’s really no better city than Chicago when you’re winning’

And the win has the 9-4 Bears in great shape to win the NFC North.

“I knew that, the beginning of the year, just seeing what we had in camp and the defense we had and when we added (Khalil) Mack, it was going to be a completely different look for Chicago Bears,” Sowell told Zig Fracassi and Brad Hopkins on NFL Rewind. “And I think we’re right on the right track to changing that culture around here. And I’ll tell you, there’s really no better city than Chicago when you’re winning.

‘(Sunday night) was an unbelievable environment’

“I mean, it is a blue-collar city and we’re out there playing good defense. I mean, (Sunday night) was an unbelievable environment. You’ve got to give it up to our fans. (The Rams) were jumping offsides and all kinds of stuff. It was it was an awesome environment.”

“His wheels are always turning.”

-Bears OT Bradley Sowell on coach Matt Nagy

Sowell called the touchdown a “Matt Nagy Special,” a concoction of the Bears’ rookie coach that began with a fake handoff to defensive tackle Akiem Hicks, who scored on a 1-yard run the previous week in an overtime loss against the New York Giants.

‘I was the only read on that play’

“His wheels are always turning,” Sowell said of Nagy. “He kind of set it up the week before when Akiem got the touchdown with the Giants and then he wanted to make it look like it was for sure that. I was I was only read on that play, I was the only option. But I knew, once we called it and once I had to block down and kind of popped out, and once I popped out, there wasn’t a soul on me. I told Mitch, ‘Just put it up high,’ and once he put it up high, I reached up there and grabbed and then kind of went blank from there.”

Sowell had total confidence in his ability to make the catch, just as he and his teammates are all-in on the Bears being a contender this season.

‘We could easily be undefeated’

“I think we just believe as a team,” he said. “This has been a different year. Last year when I was here, we were losing games and it felt like a normal loss. This year we lose a game, we feel like we gave it away. For the most part, you look at all our games and we could easily be undefeated. When we lose this year, it feels like we beat ourselves every time so we know once we correct that we’re a good team. We’ve played a bunch of close ones. We could easily be undefeated right now.”

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