Charles Hamilton gets real with Sway on why he had to take a break from music, early days of the Internet

Rapper Charles Hamilton takes us back to the days of AIM, speaks on the immense loyalty of his fans, and much more in a recent interview with Sway. The interview comes after quite a hiatus from the rap game for Hamilton, a hiatus he says was brought on by bipolar disorder.

Sway opens by asking Hamilton about coming into the rap game at the beginning of the Internet boom. “I spent a lot of time conversing with my fans. I didn’t really have an Internet PR team. I would talk to the fans myself,” he said. “I would, you know, make a song and then go right on AIM, ’cause AIM was big at the time. I would go on AIM and I gave out my screen name on a mixtape so like I had a whole bunch of people messaging me.” Hamilton’s ultimate goal, he says, was to have a personal connection to his fans.

The interview goes on to discuss Hamilton’s withdrawal from society, getting curved by Rihanna, and that time a friend brought him Taco Bell when he was in a mental hospital. To hear about that and a lot more, watch the video below.

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