Chargers’ Austin Ekeler: RB Room Has to Earn Their Reps

In a recent interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Training Camp Tour, Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler discussed his thoughts on the evolving role he plays in his team and the team’s new offense.

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Offensive Adjustments:

When asked about the Chargers’ offensive adjustments under the new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, Austin Ekeler reflected on his experience of learning different offenses throughout his career. He revealed an interesting insight — that, despite the variations, most offenses run similar plays.

“This is my third offense that I’ve learned now and what I’ve realized even before here, but it stands true to this day where all offenses are the same, we’re running all the same type of plays,” said Ekeler. “That’s why we can watch film from other teams and be like, oh this is this play for them, it’s this play for us.”

Sharing Reps:

The conversation then went into Ekeler’s approach to sharing playing time with other running backs. He revealed a perspective on balancing his desire to be on the field with the need to preserve his body for the long haul.

“It’s always an interesting conversation with me… I want our team to be successful… want guys to go and contribute to the offense, you know, and talking about the running back room, us in particular,” said Ekeler. “I also want that, like guys, I’m like, come get some reps like they’re out here, you can come get them, but you gotta earn it.”

Justin Herbert:

When discussing the dynamics of the team’s offense, Ekeler recognized the importance of being a safety net for his young quarterback Justin Herbert. His ability to be a reliable option when things break down or receivers are covered has made him an invaluable asset. However, with the emergence of talented players like Josh Palmer and Gerald Everett, Ekeler acknowledged that the offense will showcase more explosiveness with multiple contributors.

“With everybody being involved, man, it’s special to watch. The ball is being thrown all around, people making plays here and there, all different types of people making plays, which is exciting as an offensive player,” said Ekeler. “You hope you can keep everyone healthy during the season, and we can continue to distribute like that, and then it’s gonna be really hard to guard us.”

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