Celebrate Paul McCartney’s birthday with an exclusive ‘RAM’ album special hosted by Paul, plus a special weekend of programming

Celebrate Paul McCartney’s birthday on June 18 with a weekend full of special programming on The Beatles Channel (Ch. 18)! Join Paul as he takes you track-by-track through his RAM album for its 50th anniversary. Plus, hear many other specials dedicated to Paul all weekend long, including a fan-voted countdown of his songs, playlists from Mary and Stella McCartney, and much more.

Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

Paul McCartney Exclusive RAM Special

Paul joins the birthday festivities as he gives The Beatles Channel listeners an exclusive guided tour through one of his most memorable albums, RAM, which came out 50 years ago. He takes you track-by-track through the entire album, telling stories about making the music and more.

June 18 at 11am

June 18 at 9pm
June 19 at 2pm
June 20 at 11am
June 22 at 3pm
June 23 at 12am
June 24 at 1pm

Mary McCartney Guest DJ

Paul’s daughter, Mary, shares some of her favorite songs and stories to celebrate her dad’s birthday!

June 18 at 5pm

June 19 at 7pm

Stella McCartney Guest DJ

Stella McCartney shares a rare playlist of favorites by her dad and The Beatles, including special stories about their family, the music, and more.

June 18 at 7pm

June 20 at 5pm

Paul McCartney Sideman Special

Join Bill Flanagan as he spotlights various collaborations Paul has done with artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Michael Jackson, George Michael, Nirvana, Elvis Costello, and more.

June 18 at 12am
June 20 at 6am

Magical McCartney Maxi Concert

In honor of Paul’s birthday, The Beatles Channel has dreamed up a Paul McCartney fantasy concert of Beatles and solo songs!

June 19 at 9pm

Eight Songs A Week Times Two

Beatles fans are celebrating Paul McCartney’s birthday with their own special birthday playlist, featuring their favorite McCartney songs. It’s Eight Songs A Week… times two! Hosted by Meg Griffin.

June 18 at 2pm

June 19 at 10am
June 20 at 1pm

Best of Paul McCartney’s Oobu Joobu Radio Series

Hear rare performances, demos, stories, and more from the mind of Paul McCartney. It’s the best of Paul’s radio series, Oobu Joobu, in honor of his birthday.

June 19 at 12am

June 20 at 3pm

Fab Fourum

The Beatles Channel’s weekly live talk show hosted by Dennis Elsas, Bill Flanagan and Tom Frangione will be dedicated to Paul this week for his birthday. Special guests include Phoebe Bridgers and Carnie Wilson, plus lots of other McCartney topics!

June 16 at 9pm

June 19 at 7am
June 20 at 6pm

Breakfast with The Beatles

Chris Carter will feature three hours of Paul McCartney music on his weekday morning show.

June 18 at 8am

My Fab Fours

Hear the members of Paul’s current band — Abe Laboriel Jr., Paul “Wix” Wickens, Rusty Anderson, and Brian Ray — plus Denny Seiwell from Wings each pick their four favorite songs by The Beatles and Paul McCartney throughout Paul’s birthday week!

Denny Seiwell (Original Drummer of Wings) @dennystrio

June 17 at 7am
June 19 at 4am
June 20 at 2pm

Abe Laboriel Jr. (Drummer) @ogabejr

June 16 at 2pm
June 18 at 2am

Brian Ray (Guitarist) @brianrayguitar

June 16 at 5am
June 19 at 11am

Rusty Anderson (Guitarist) @rustyanderson1

June 17 at 11pm
June 20 at 5am

Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens (Keyboardist) @WixWickens

June 17 at 1am
June 19 at 10pm

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