Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with these specials honoring the late civil rights leader

This weekend, tune in to Urban View (Ch. 126) and POTUS Politics (Ch. 124) to honor the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Join SiriusXM in remembering the late civil rights leader by listening to his unforgettable “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speech, plus powerful tributes by renowned authors, journalists, and talk show hosts.

Check out the broadcast schedule below.

Hear SiriusXM host Laura Coates‘ interviews with the following authors:

Michael K. Honey’s To the Promised Land: Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice goes beyond the iconic view of Martin Luther King Jr. as an advocate of racial harmony to explore his profound commitment to the poor and working class. It also touches on King’s call for “nonviolent resistance” to all forms of oppression, including the economic injustice that “takes necessities from the masses to give luxuries to the classes.”

Airs Monday, January 21 at 10am ET

Gary Dorrien’s Breaking White Supremacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel explores the black social gospel movement’s impact on the symbol of the civil rights movement. Dorrien focuses on King and the mid-twentieth-century black church leaders who embraced the progressive, justice-oriented, internationalist social gospel from the beginning of their careers and fulfilled it, inspiring and leading America’s greatest liberation movement.

Airs Monday, January 21 at 10am ET

The Morning Briefing will air King’s final speech in which he famously said, “I’ve been to the mountaintop.”

Airs Monday, January 21 at 6am ET

The Press Pool will air tributes from the following talk show hosts and journalists:

Wesley Lowery: National Reporter at The Washington Post and author of They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice Movement.

Chris Matthews: Former presidential speechwriter and longtime host of MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Carole Simpson: Former ABC News anchor and the first black woman to moderate a presidential debate.

Joy Reid: Author and host of MSNBC’s AM Joy.

April Ryan: White House Correspondent & Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, CNN Political Analyst, and author of Under Fire: Reporting from the Front Lines of the Trump White House.

Airs Monday, January 21 at 3pm ET

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