Celebrate Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month with exclusive music specials on SiriusXM

SiriusXM’s Spanish-language music channels are celebrating Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month by paying tribute to the generations of Latin American musicians who have positively influenced and enriched the world. From now through October 15, listeners will hear live performances, engaging interviews, and exclusive Guest DJ sessions with the biggest global acts — including Pedro Capó, Marco Antonio Solís, Ally Brooke, Jhay Cortez and Lunay, and Gilberto Santa Rosa.

Scroll down to see broadcast times for this week’s specials airing on Caliente (top Latinx music hits), Águila (regional Mexican music), Flow Nación (Latinx urban music), Viva (contemporary Latinx pop), Caricia (classic Spanish and English ballads), Latidos (Latinx love songs), La Kueva (Latinx rock), and Rumbón (classic salsa). For more information about our Spanish-language channels, click here.

Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)

Music With A Message

We end a month full of culturally rich programming with SiriusXM Presents: Music with a Message, a fascinating look on how music educates, uplifts, and empowers. Don’t miss a panel discussion with moderator Marisol El Bombon, Erika Ender, Manu Manzo, Ingrid Contreras, and Melina Leon.

October 16 at 1pm

October 17 at 4pm

October 18 at 10am


Universo Latino: Nathy Peluso & Nicki Nicole

Universo Latino is a weekly dose of indie pop and alternative music — and, as part of our “One on One” series, Nathy Peluso and Nicki Nicole will talk about their recent Latin Grammy nominations and new music.

October 18 at 7pm

October 20 at 10am 

October 22 at 5pm

Grupo La Kaña Performance

Don’t miss Regional Mexican group Grupo La Kaña deliver a spectacular performance as Latinx & Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end.

October 12 at 2pm

October 13 at 9pm

October 14 at 11am

October 15 at 8pm

Roots Of Reggaeton: DJ Nelson

SiriusXM presents Roots of Reggaeton, a new reggaeton series that reflects on the music genre the shaped the urban movement. This week, listeners will hear DJ Nelson discuss his inspirations, his start in the music industry, and where he sees the movement going in the future.

October 16 at 3pm

October 17 at 12pm

October 18 at 7pm

’80s Weekend

Feel the nostalgia as Caricia takes you back in time for 48 hours of sweet classic melodies. This weekend, enjoy the soulful sounds of the 1980s — from legendary artists Juan Gabriel, Rocio Durcal, Marisela, and more.

Saturday, October 17 through Sunday, October 18

El Soundcheck: Francisca Valenzuela

Hear Latin Grammy nominee and female empowerment icon Francisca Valenzuela perform and share stories about her 2020 album, La Fortaleza.

October 13 at 3pm

October 15 at 12pm

October 17 at 6pm

October 18 at 8pm

Masa Con Masa: Breakup Songs

On another edition of Masa Con Masa, salsa guru and host George Nenadich and romantic salsa legend Tony Vega present legendary breakup salsa songs!

October 13 at 12pm

October 14 at 3pm

October 15 at 10am

October 17 at 4pm

October 18 at 2pm

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