Carolina Panthers heckle own teammate for singing “O Canada,” now officially America’s Team

If Cam Newton’s million-dollar smile and electric play on the field weren’t enough for you, this should be, America. The Carolina Panthers, one of two participants in the minor football game this coming Sunday in San Francisco, heckled and razzed their own teammate  at the Super Bowl’s Opening Night. David Foucault, a practice squad lineman, hails from the Canadian province of Quebec and attended college in Montreal. As such, SiriusXM’s own Lisa Ann asked him to perform “The Canada Song” in this fun video and his Carolina teammates weren’t having any of it. Watch below:

Now, a few takeaways. One, nobody who was complaining about the Panthers, or Cam’s dabbing, or anything else tinged with “the right way” has anything left to complain about. This is America’s team and the proof is the damn video. Two, “The Canada Song” is now and forever more what the national anthem of Canada will be referred to as. Thanks, Lisa Ann! Three, it’s cool, David Foucault. You’ve got all that sweet socialized healthcare, beautiful scenery, unspoiled wilderness, delicious maple syrup, incredible Montreal bagels (and poutine) to hang your hat on. Plus, Super Bowl. Stay proud, buddy.

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