Cardinal Timothy Dolan offers his take on Starbucks’ red holiday cups

All week long, Starbucks’ annual red holiday cups have been in the news, thanks in part to a video posted by former Evangelical Pastor Joshua Feuerstein. Feuerstein is among those who are angry, taking Starbucks’ redesign of the red cups – they no longer features any Christmas markings – as the latest battle in a “war on Christmas.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan spoke about the cups on the Catholic Channel, and shared his thoughts on how he feels people should be reacting to the plainer design.

“Sometimes I think if we rail too much about a ‘secular spirit of Christmas,’ we would play into the hands of our enemies who might want to destroy the true meaning of Christmas by caricaturing us as these naysayers,” Dolan said. “I don’t think it’s like Starbucks had the Christmas crib on their cup to begin with and they took that off. Is the snowflake now even offensive?”

See what others are saying about Starbucks’ cups:

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