The 211-game suspension levied by Major League Baseball on Alex Rodriguez is a story that has transcended sports. Case and point? Cardinal Timothy Dolan discussed the news on his program Tuesday on The Catholic Channel.

“You know who I feel sorry for, are the good, hard-working ballplayers who have never taken an illegal substance, and are kind of left in the dust,” Cardinal Dolan said. “I feel bad for the Yankees, because they’re a good team, they stick together, this has dragged them down.”

Cardinal Dolan added that he’s happy that the game is in a reform mode — comparing it to the church — and discussed the fact that Rodriguez wouldn’t have gotten away with using illegal substances in the eyes of God.

Adam Schein of Mad Dog Radio also spoke about the A-Rod news, choosing to not to mince his words.

“What a joke. What an absolute joke,” Schein said. “That press conference yesterday was something special. Something extra special. Even on the low bar we have set for A-Rod.

“A-Rod is a lying steroid cheat who created this entire mess,” Schein continued. “You crave attention. You’re not fighting for your life. You don’t have an illness. You’re not sick. You might be fighting for your career. You know whose fault that is? You.”

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