It’s the first time in living memory that a Pope has resigned (nearly 600 years to be precise), causing many to speculate what reason Pope Benedict XVI had to step down. Cardinal Timothy Dolan joined SiriusXM’s “Seize The Day” with Gus Llyod to give his insight.

“He’s never been what you would call the vigorous, athletic guy. He’d be the first guy to admit that. Especially when we’re aware of how athletic John Paul II was… He was 78 when elected to the chair of St. Peter so he’s always known from the beginning that he is not the strongest fella but I’m hoping there’s nothing new that he’s aware of, of some more grave analysis.”

But speculation aside, the next question is, well, what’s next? “To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I’m waiting for counsel as the rest of College of Cardinals would be too. It’s somewhat new,” Cardinal Dolan said.

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