The Calvin Harris Motion album preview premieres on Friday 11/7 at 4 pm ET on BPM.
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I dare you not to get a Calvin Harris hit stuck in your head the first time you hear it. I triple dog dare you not to drool over his Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Harris recently released Motion, his fourth studio album, and gave all the deets about his favorite tracks to Ben Harvey on BPM. Harris has already made DJ history (18 Months beat Michael Jackson’s record for having the most top 10 hits from one album on the UK Singles Chart). And he has collaborated with greats like Gwen Stefani and Rihanna. But despite his successes, don’t let the music career (or those beautiful eyes) fool you: Harris suffers from major fear of missing out (FOMO) just like the rest of us – especially when it comes to music making.

“I was with John [Newman] when he did Blame. I needed to be with him because I wanted the vocals to be perfect. I didn’t want to trust any engineer to try and get that right,” he said. “It’s uncomfortable for me when somebody goes into the studio with someone I don’t know and tries to nail the vocals without me.”

Harris also told Harvey about the one track on Motion that you definitely can’t miss.

“The song with Ellie Goulding is my favorite song I have ever done. I love the way it sounds. I love the strings. I think that’s unusual and cool,” Harris said. “She nailed it, and the harmonies are beautiful.”

Goulding’s pipes always pack a punch (have you seen her cover of Your Song?). Though Harris has lent his own vocals to tracks like Feel So Close and Summer, he does not consider himself a singer.

“I’m not a guy that can go into the studio and nail it on the first take … I’m not a singer,” Harris said. “The last record I sung on was Feel So Close, and I recorded that at the start of 2011, so I hadn’t even tried to sing for three years … It took me three weeks to do eight lines of Summer.”

Harris also addressed the question that has been troubling us since we shouted the lyrics to Summer with our car windows rolled down: Does Calvin Harris really think the leaves turn brown in the summer?

“It’s retrospective … People on the Internet get confused. We know this,” Harris joked. “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, the leaves don’t turn brown in the summer.’ I am aware of this. ‘We fell in love as the leaves turned brown.’ ‘As’ and ‘turned’ suggest the passing of time. [That’s] very important … It is looking back, and for that reason it is not a summer record, which is why I released it in March, and I didn’t know that it was gonna stick around for so long.”

Harris received surprising news of his own from Ben Harvey: Harris has been named Sexiest DJ Alive by Glamour magazine for two years running.

“Wow … I suddenly feel sexy,” Harris joked. “‘Shy’ is not the word. I’ll get back to you with the word.”

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