Busted Open’s 2013 WWE Summerslam preview

Busted Open hosts Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca break down each of the matches heading into Sunday’s WWE Summerslam pay-per-view event.

John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship

We are hoping for no interference or shenanigans, but with Triple H as the guest referee the waters are already muddied. This could be Daniel Bryan’s coming out party, the match that could take Bryan to “face of the company” status. This could be like the John Cena vs. CM Punk at Money In The Bank 2011, where Punk took it to a whole new level. Daniel Bryan will need to win clean to reap the benefits of a victory. When all is said and done, will Randy Orton cash in?

Dave’s prediction: Daniel Bryan (no cash in)

Doug’s prediction: John Cena (Orton cashes in successfully)

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Built as the best vs. the beast, but isn’t Brock both the best and the beast right? They should start building up Brock for WrestleMania starting Sunday. While Punk has played his role perfectly, he has the ability to take the loss and let it not hurt him. But after losing to John Cena, two losses to The Rock and losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, will losing to Lesnar let self-doubt creep in? After a loss to Brock will Punk still be considered the best in the world? Paul Heyman looms large in this matchup.

Dave’s prediction: Brock Lesnar

Doug’s prediction: Brock Lesnar

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship

Del Rio hasn’t looked this good since his initial feud with Rey Mysterio when he first came into the company. His work hasn’t been better in this nasty heel role. Christian is just a bump in the road for Del Rio; bigger things lie ahead for the Mexican aristocrat. Christian will get his “one more match” here, and will go back to being a solid hand in the mid card. Will Ricardo Rodriguez look for revenge against his former best friend?

Dave’s prediction: Alberto Del Rio

Doug’s prediction: Alberto Del Rio

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow just introduced the “Sandow-ized” Money in the Bank briefcase, but it won’t be on the line versus Cody. But will the contract be up for grabs in a match down the line? We were expecting more from this feud, but it’s been going downhill since the Gulf of Mexico bit. Maybe it reaches past expectations on Sunday. It was good to see Sandow and Rhodes close out Smackdown again this past Friday. The feud has legs past SummerSlam.

Dave’s prediction: Damien Sandow

Doug’s prediction: Cody Rhodes

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

Booked as a Ring of Fire match, will that keep the Wyatt family from helping their leader? While Kane has played his part well, he cannot in any way, shape or form win this match. Bray Wyatt is too important and has too high of a ceiling to lose his first match. The strength of Kane right now is getting younger talent over.

Dave’ prediction: Bray Wyatt

Doug’ prediction: Bray Wyatt

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee and Big E Langston

Unfortunately the cloud over this match is the state of Ziggler, in that his push has been stymied and he is now in a lower mid-card mixed-gender tag match that no one is looking forward to. This match is more about what-ifs and what’s next instead of what is going to take place in the ring. And while all four competitors have great in-ring skills, we have little to no incentive to get excited about this match.

Dave’s prediction: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn

Doug’s prediction: Big E Langston and AJ Lee

Natayla vs. Brie Bella

Since this is the Divas Division, there is no build for this match being that there are no programs with the ladies. Both Nattie and Brie have gotten their face slaps in, but will we actually see quality wrestling? Even the pro’s pro, Natalya, had a major botch in her match on Monday with AJ Lee, so it’s looking like the classic bathroom break. Nikki Bella, Eva Marie and the Funkadactyls will be at ringside, and where there is Nikki there is always the potential for twin magic. We’ll see if she can do even minimal physical activity with her leg stress fracture.

Dave’s prediction: Natalya

Doug’s prediction: Natalya

Dean Ambrose vs. Rob Van Dam for the United States Championship

The Summerslam Kickoff is one of the better matches on paper this card has to offer, and judging from the Shield/Uso’s kickoff match at Money in the Bank, this is not a throwaway by any means. Ambrose continues to shine on the mic and in the ring, and “good RVD” is as dynamic as anyone on the roster. That said, you never know if “sloppy RVD“ shows up and rears his ugly head. My guess is these guys click and we are treated to a fun preview match that may sell some last minute pay-per-views. And as many jobs as RVD has done since returning to the WWE roster, it’s hard to see that pattern not continuing against one of the rising stars in the company.

Dave’s prediction: Dean Ambrose

Doug’s prediction: Dean Ambrose

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