You really never know who is going to call into the open lines during SiriusXM Sports Zone‘s Busted Open Radio.

Wednesday, Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca were talking to Ethan Carter III, AKA EC3, when his TNA Slammiversary opponent, Bully Ray, rang.

You know something, kid? You better hope you fight better than you talk live on the radio. I got a freakin’ table for you. [EC3 tries to interrupt.] Shut your mouth. I got a table for you, and I got a table for your piece of crap aunt [Dixie Carter]. You and your family have been screwing me, but most of all been screwing over the wrestling fans for months now. And your aunt pulling me off of House of Hardcore just to send me out to California to do something for Spike TV, she screwed everybody. I can’t wait to get my hands on you in Dallas. I’m gonna chop you until you bleed. I’m gonna take a cheese grater and I’m gonna wrap it across your face. I’m gonna do things to your pretty little body and pretty little face, Ethan, that you probably could not dream up in in your worst nightmare.

Just as Carter got ready to respond, Bully jumped in again:

“Wait, wait, wait. Does this sound like me hanging up on you?”

And just like that, Bully was gone.

After getting hung up on, EC3 responded.

I didn’t even get to mention that I apologize that he didn’t get to spend Friday night playing with his friends and he had to go do work. The threats have been made countless times to my aunt. Physical violence against a woman, I’m not cool with. Threats have been made to desecrate my temple of a body. I mean, we’re gonna just have to play the game, Slammiversary this Sunday. I mean, what does a cheese grater have to do with professional wrestling?

Carter then exhaled, and said to Mortman and LaGreca, “I did not plan on going this way.”

During the interview, the Busted Open crew also revealed that Bully Ray will be live in studio next Wednesday to talk about the Slammiversary match. The invitation was extended to EC3 to call up the hotline and cut a promo of his own during Bully’s appearance.

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