Rest easy, National League fans. The designated hitter isn’t coming to your home ballparks anytime soon, according to MLB Commissioner Bud Selig.

In a SiriusXM Town Hall event at MLB All-Star FanFest in New York City, Selig spoke with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo about the future of the DH in baseball. According to the commissioner, “The National League clubs and fans hate [the DH], the American League clubs and fans love it.” So would the commissioner consider aggravating half of his fan base by trying to implement the DH rule in both leagues before he leaves office in 2014?

“What I have always said and what I will say to you here today, is that it’s going to take some kind of catalytic event,” Selig said. “And what I mean by that, if some day, well in the future, we go to overall geographic realignment or something like that, then maybe we’ll consider it.”

When Russo asked if the NL would go to the DH in the “foreseeable future,” Selig emphatically said, “No. And I’m telling you they’re not.”

You can listen to Russo’s entire interview with the MLB Commissioner with SiriusXM On Demand.

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