Just a season after the NFL’s “replacement refs” debacle, many are unimpressed with the league’s full-time officiating group. Among those critics: Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, who had some things to say about the NFL’s referees on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Every single week you see so many guys holding, grabbing, pulling on receivers way beyond five or six yards,” Arians said. “I think that the league has to address, from the owners to the general managers to the head coaches, the consistency of what’s being called.”

SiriusXM NFL Radio hosts Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller also talked about the league’s officials, offering a solution to their consistency.

“We need full-time officials in the booth,” Kirwan said. “We can get older guys that have great eyes and no legs that have been doing it for thirty years, and they report to Manhattan all week, and they work on the replays, and and they get sharper, and they understand things, and they’re up there and they manage the game.”

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