Brett Favre: Until Matt Ryan wins in playoffs, that ‘will always dog’ him

Credit: Duane Prokop/Getty Images for SiriusXMBrett Favre saw plenty of good in Matt Ryan’s performance against the New Orleans Saints Monday night.

Favre was impressed with the way the Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback handled playing in a hostile environment, managed the game, and utilized other pass-catchers while the Saints took away his best weapon, Julio Jones.

Falcons’ ‘defense has not matched their offense at times’

“And he’s proven that, year in and year out,” Favre¬†told Bruce Murray¬†during his regular appearance on the SiriusXM Blitz. “But until you win playoff games and get to the big game, that’s always going to dog you. I don’t think that’s a knock necessarily on him and him only. I think there’s a lot of reasons they haven’t gone any further. Mainly their defense has not matched their offense at times.

‘He’s got to go further in the postseason’

“I think Matt is a heck of a quarterback, I think he’s proven that. But, no secret here and I’m sure he knows it, too, he’s got to go on further in the postseason to get that off his back.

“But I think he’s very capable.”

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