How Brandi Glanville made peace with LeAnn Rimes: She ‘finally realizes that I don’t want your man’

Before she became The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ notorious wine-tosser, Brandi Glanville made tabloid headlines as the woman scorned when her husband Eddie Cibrian cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes.

The split wasn’t amicable, and both sides publicly traded barbs even after the divorce was finalized and Cibrian wed the country singer.

But the three have now come together to co-parent after an incident with their son, Glanville said Monday on Conversations with Maria Menounos.

“I think that I’ve acted like a child enough during the seven years. We’ve definitely had our moments of not putting the kids first and not being proper adults, and as the kids are getting older — something did happen with one of them, and I don’t really want to go into it, but it made the three of us, Eddie, LeAnn and myself, realize we have to be together on this,” she said. “We have to be a unit, three of us. We are a modern family, and we have to stick together in order to keep these little boys in line and to keep them from not manipulating us against each other, and we need to be together for them. So that’s what happened really, something with the kids, and we just came together. And it’s all fine. And I think that LeAnn finally realizes that I don’t want your man. That’s all done, but we can all still get along and be friends, and so we are.”

Who does the former model want? The former model found romance with Calum Best on E!’s Famously Single but told Menounos the relationship wouldn’t work in the real world.

“I do have feelings for him, and he lives in England, and he’s still in that moment of his life where he wants to go out to clubs and do things that I don’t do any longer,” she explained. “We did make a huge connection. That said, is it the right connection for me right now? No. Do I still want to see him? Yes. But I’m trying to make smarter decisions with my heart, really.”

Glanville, 43, added that Best did teach her she’s capable of finding love.

“It was nice with him to know that I could have feelings again, because I honestly hadn’t since Eddie, since my ex-husband,” she said. “Not real feelings to where somebody got to me and I had butterflies for them, I was excited to see them, and this really opened the door for, gosh, I’m not dead inside.”

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