Brad Paisley talks performing for American troops + his Air Force One selfie

While you were barbecuing hot dogs and hamburgers this Memorial Day weekend, country superstar Brad Paisley made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, where he played for roughly 3,000 troops at the Bagram Airfield. And even cooler? He made the visit alongside President Barack Obama.

Chatting over the phone with The Highway‘s Storme Warren, Brad went into detail about his trip, touching upon everything from meeting the troops to taking an Air Force One selfie. #SelfieWin



“How many people have a selfie like THAT?” wondered Storme.

“Not very many unless you’re at the right airport at the right time,” joked Paisley. “It was absolutely fascinating. My favorite thing [about the trip] was getting to meet these troops. I spent a lot of time shaking hands and meeting these people. They hand you pictures of their families back home. They’re appreciative of anyone who comes over, and for me, they’re the bravest of the brave. The ones in the war zone.”

Paisley also delved into his optimistic feelings regarding Obama’s election, but tempered his enthusiasm with a few comments about how we still have room to grow as a tolerant society, citing Clippers owner Donald Sterling as an example.

“The thing that was so shocking to me when [Obama] was first elected is, I didn’t think in our lifetime there would be enough people in the United States ready to elect a minority to office. And now I feel like we can do anything if the right person comes along.”

Paisley continued: “Obviously there are horrible flare ups like Donald Sterling that shows the tension of this issue is still really raw. I think our generation [is making progress].”

Later, Storme lightened the mood with a burning question: “What did you steal from Air Force One?”

“I built this new bar in my farmhouse,” responded Paisley, acting purposefully coy. “There’s big-screen TVs on each side. It’s fully stocked. It has four taps with refrigerated limes for the beer. It’s the coolest place to hang out in Tennessee. So if you happen to be a guest at my house at some point, Storme, and you’d like some bourbon, you’ll have it in the authentic glass from Air Force One. ‘Cause I have four of those.”

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