Bob Harper’s 3 rules to avoid packing on those extra holiday pounds

As the holidays approach us, so does the urge to give in to our usual holiday vices: sugar cookies, fudge cakes, apple pies, and more. So how can we tame the beast within and not behave like a baby dinosaur at Christmas dinner (ok, dessert)? The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper recently stopped by on SiriusXM Star‘s Wake Up With Taylor, and he generously gave us 3 essential tips to staying healthy this holiday season (and staying sane while doing it).

1. Start hitting the treadmill…NOW. 

Harper jokes, “Why not just go to a party and eat yourself into a coma” ? All kidding aside, it’s important to stay active. Whether you’re running or just walking for a couple of hours each week, what matters most is that you get it done, son!

2. Think about your carb and sugar intake. 

Beware of all the bad fats, excessive carbs, and the unhealthy sugars you might be ingesting. Educate yourself, and you’ll be seeing some great progress!

3. Stay away from the sugary alcohol drinks. 

This does not mean forgoing alcohol altogether during the holiday season. Harper suggests, “Get your wine, throw your club soda in there…You’ve turned your one glass of wine into two!”

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