Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao met up in person at halfcourt during the Miami Heat-Milwaukee Bucks game Tuesday night – reportedly a “coincidence” – but while it seems we’re close to the Fight of the Century, a formal deal still hasn’t been struck for a May 2 fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

In an appearance on SiriusXM Sports Zone’s Going The Distance with Wallace Matthews, Teddy Atlas and Nabate Isles, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum said it would be a “disgrace” if this fight winds up falling through, though he did sound optimistic that won’t be the case.

“There is a great desire on the part of Pacquiao and myself to get this fight done,” Arum said. “Les Moonves, who’s the chairman of CBS, has been absolutely marvelous in moving this along. I’m hopeful that this thing still can come to fruition. I don’t wanna talk about negotiations because, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t see any real issues. But until it’s done, it’s not done. I’m hopeful that this time, we can get it done.”

Arum also referenced the perceived gap in purses that Mayweather and Pacquaio command. According to Arum, Mayweather is guaranteed $32 million per fight in the United States by Showtime, but loses about 40 percent of that to taxes. That means if Pacquiao fights in Macau and gets a $24 million payday, he ends up pocketing more than Money.

“Who makes more money from a fight? Well, I guess you can say Mayweather, but net after Uncle Sam gets his bite, it’s really Pacquiao,” Arum said.

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