Hear doctors & more discuss racial inequality in medicine

When it comes to medical care, people of color have often found themselves disregarded and unaccounted for, their pain often taken less seriously than white patients resulting in subpar care and stigma. For Black History Month, Doctor Radio (Ch. 110) has created a series of special episodes focusing on Black healthcare, from dermatology to child psychology to eye disease. You can see all available Black History Month episodes on the SXM App now, and check out descriptions of individual specials below.

On an episode of About Our Kids titled “Diversity of the Black Experience,” you’ll hear from award-winning Black children’s book illustrator and author Dapo Adeola. He creates characters and images that challenge our expectations around race and gender in a fun, upbeat way. His latest book, Hey You! An Empowering Celebration of Growing Up Black, is a lyrical exploration of Black childhood meant to inspire today’s youth to be dreamers despite the obstacles of systemic racism they regularly face.

During the Psychiatry show, Dr. Jessica Stern focuses on minimizing and uncovering biases such as confirmation bias with special guest Shahram Heshmat, Ph.D., associate professor emeritus of health economics of addiction at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Focusing on the dermatological side of Black healthcare, a special episode of Dermatology looks into properly caring for skin of color. Host Dr. Doris Day speaks with Dr. Karan Lal, a board-certified dermatologist trained from the University of Massachusetts medical center.

This episode of Rehabilitative Medicine examines diabetes-related eye disease. Host Jonathan Whiteson, MD, talks with Dr. Kristen Nwanyanwu, assistant professor of ophthalmology and visual science at Yale School of Medicine, and Tiffani Martin, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age four, about how diabetes affects the eyes specifically in people of color.

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