The Billy Joel Channel returns to SiriusXM for the month of January

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The Billy Joel Channel has returned and is currently airing on Channel 105 and available on the SXM App through February 2.

Listeners can hear two all-new episodes of BJ the DJ hosted by the man himself: Billy’s Favorite ’60s Records, Vol. 2 and BJ The DJ: Billy’s Favorite ’60s Records, Vol. 3. Tune in as Billy goes back into his ’60s record library to play more of his favorites during both episodes. See the full broadcast schedule for the episodes below, and listen to them on the SXM App now for a limited time.

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Broadcast Schedule (all times ET)


52nd Street

January 22 at 1pm

An Innocent Man

January 20 at 7am

Glass Houses

January 23 at 1am

February 1 at 11pm

Piano Man

January 25 at 8pm


January 31 at 11am

The Bridge

January 18 at 5pm

February 1 at 1am

The Stranger

January 29 at 4pm

The River Of Dreams

January 30 at 4am

Streetlife Serenade

January 27 at 10am

Storm Front

January 24 at 8am


Artists I Wish I’d Seen Live

January 27 at 6pm

Songs I Wish I’d Written

January 22 at 4am

Goes To The Movies

January 31 at 4pm

Billy’s Favorite Instrumentals

January 23 at 6am

Billy’s Favorite 60s Records, Vol. 1

January 23 at 2pm

January 25 at 11am

January 29 at 8pm

January 31 at 2am

3-Instrument Bands

January 19 at 1am

January 26 at 11pm

January 30 at 5pm

Billy’s Favorite ’60s Records, Vol. 2

January 21 at 12pm

January 24 at 10pm

January 26 at 4am

January 28 at 3pm

February 2 at 7am

Billy’s Favorite ’60s Records, Vol. 3

January 18 at 8am

January 20 at 11pm

January 22 at 5pm

January 24 at 1pm

January 28 at 2am

January 30 at 9am

February 1 at 2pm

What Was I Thinking?

Vol. 1

January 28 at 6am

Vol. 2

January 21 at 3am

Vol. 3

January 19 at 10pm

January 27 at 1am

Vol. 4

January 14 at 12am

January 23 at 6pm

Stranger Fantasy Concert

January 21 at 4pm

January 23 at 11pm

January 26 at 6pm

February 2 at 9pm

Guest DJs

Alexa Ray Joel

January 19 at 6am

January 26 at 1pm

February 2 at 4pm

Garth Brooks

February 1 at 9am

Don Henley

January 22 at 9pm

January 27 at 5am

Andrew McMahon

January 21 at 8am

January 30 at 1pm

Pat Monahan

January 20 at 2am

Lorraine Bracco

January 18 at 3am

January 30 at 12am

Chazz Palminteri

January 20 at 3pm

January 28 at 11am

The Hang with Carl Fischer

January 18 at 9pm

January 25 at 6am

February 2 at 3am

Mike DelGuidice

January 23 at 10am

January 26 at 12am

Mark Rivera

January 24 at 3am

January 31 at 8pm

New York State of Mind Special

January 18 at 1pm

January 20 at 7pm

January 25 at 4pm

January 27 at 10pm

February 1 at 7pm

Around The World Special

January 22 at 9am

January 25 at 2am

January 29 at 12pm

February 1 at 5am

Billy Joel: An Evening of Questions and Answers

January 20 at 11am

January 21 at 9pm

January 26 at 9am

January 27 at 2pm

January 31 at 6am

February 2 at 12pm

Billy Joel A To Z

January 28 at 8pm

Billy Joel’s 88 Key Cuts

January 19 at 10am

Plus, listeners can hear new stories from Billy throughout the month about Tony Bennett, a favorite ZZ Top song, Billy’s favorite Broadway musical, and lots more!

Billy Joel’s exclusive SiriusXM channel features music spanning his decades-long career, including songs from his live and studio albums, as well as Billy telling stories about his music and beyond. In addition, the limited-run channel also showcases specials with Billy collaborators and fans, including celebrity Guest DJ specials; a fantasy concert featuring performances of songs from Billy’s classic album, The Stranger; Billy Joel: An Evening of Questions and Answers…and a little music too from the Faena Theater in Miami Beach; and much more.

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