Bill O’Reilly, rumors of a View return, and other things Joy Behar is so totally over

With their low bullsh*t tolerance and larger-than-life hair, Joy Behar and Howard Stern make a dynamic duo. The two got together this morning on The Howard Stern Show to discuss recent rumors of a full-time View return for Behar (not likely), her life prior to becoming a stand-up star, and of course, Behar’s uproarious clashes with the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Star Jones.

Leave it to the King of All Media to ask the blunt question: Is Joy Behar returning to The View anytime soon?

“I don’t know. I have no idea,” Behar said. “Full-time, no … When I first started that show, I was only on three days a week, and then Barbara [Walters] would come on twice a week.”

Behar has always been a class clown in the entertainment industry. However, before her comedy days, you could find Behar at the front of the classroom. Her stint as a schoolteacher didn’t make her any less outspoken.

“Teaching is hard. I tried elementary school. They would snitch on each other constantly,” Behar said. “‘Ms. Behar, he said eff! Ms. Behar!’ Finally one day I said, ‘Who the f*ck said eff?!’ And I got fired.”

And of course, Stern asked Behar about her feelings towards Star Jones, her former View co-star who argued with this funny lady on the regular.

“I think that [Star Jones] was powerful. She had a great style about her,” Behar said. “Let’s face it, to have a woman of that size tell you how gorgeous she is all the time, you can’t buy that sh*t. That’s good TV.”

Star Jones has nothing on Behar’s distaste for the ultra-conservative Bill O’Reilly. Behar and Whoopi Goldberg once walked off the show when O’Reilly came on as a guest.

“He comes on regardless of what I think. I would not book him. I don’t find him amusing in any way. I don’t find him interesting in any way. I usually would not do that. I don’t walk off of shows. There was something propelling my ass out of the seat. I can’t even explain it, it was like a poltergeist,” Behar said. “I got so much publicity out of it. Even now you’re talking about it, years later.”

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