Beyonce’s diet guru Marco Borges shares his top tips for eating clean

Fourth of July weekend means fireworks, outdoor shindigs, and hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and beer. But now that we’re clear of holiday food temptations what’s the best way to proceed?

Luckily, Marco Borges (aka Beyonce’s personal trainer and nutritionist) popped by on Just Jenny to discuss the 22-Day Revolution, his book and program for plant-based nutrition. It takes 22 days to make or break habits, but Borges shared a few tips that will have you feeling flawless in no time!

1.) Don’t think of healthy eating as giving something up. Think of it as consuming MORE foods that will serve you (and your bod) better.

“Consume more vegetables. Consume more foods that are from the earth. Consume more unprocessed, nutritious foods that are filling, that are healing, that are good for you,” said Borges. “It’s not about giving something up. If you start with giving something up, it almost feels like a negative.”

2.) Ban the myth that all carbs are bad for you.

“We’ve been programmed to believe that carbs are bad for you. But kale is carbs!” Borges said. “Carrots are carbs! Apples are carbs! Quinoa’s a carb! Carbs are not bad for you. Processed carbs are bad for you. We have to move away from this notion.”

3.) Achieving little steps towards your healthy eating goals is far more effective than blaming yourself for huge goals you can’t accomplish right away. 

“It’s not about perfection, it’s about progression,” Borges said.

Unless you’re Beyonce, of course.

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