Basketball and Beyond: Adam Silver eyes long-term NBA expansion to Europe

There’s little question about the NBA’s global reach. The league draws players from around the world, and they’ve played preseason and regular season games outside of North America since 1978. This season brought eight different NBA teams to Mexico, England, Germany, Turkey, Brazil and China.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talked to Mike Krzyzewski this week on Basketball and Beyond talked about the possibility of expansion to include a team based out of a foreign country.

“I do not see expansion in the near-term future of the league for a few reasons,” Silver told Coach K.

While there are no plans right now, Silver said that when the time comes, they will look realistically at Europe as an option.

I see what the NFL is doing, and maybe they’ll end up putting a team in London. They may be there on a faster track to do it than we are. But I think in terms of the popularity of our game … it’s something David Stern talked about years ago, we could imagine having a division in Europe.

Silver also talked to Coach K about the possible cities where an NBA team would be a viable option.

The beautiful arena you’ve been to in London … AEG built a relatively new arena in Berlin, they’re in the process of renovating the arena in Paris, both Barcelona and Madrid are looking at new arenas. So you can imagine potentially a four-team division in Europe. It’s not right around the corner, the economies in southern Europe are doing poorly, they would really need to be able to support the modern day infrastructure of an NBA team … regional television, ticket prices that would allow them to compete with NBA teams. But that’s something we continue to look at.

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