The season of love is upon us, so what better way to get you and your significant other in the mood this Valentine’s Day than some baby-making tunes recommended by your favorite celebrities. From heavy metal to sensual R&B, we’ve got you covered.

Ryan Reynolds

Hold On by Wilson Phillips. “Isn’t it everyone’s?”

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Sweet Love by Anita Baker. “That’s how I made my first one”

Cesar Millan

“Anything by The Weeknd”

Zakk Wylde

Ram It Down by Judas Priest

Judd Apatow

I Will Be Here For You by Al Jarreau


My Love by Justin Timberlake

Cash Cash

F-ck Em Only We Know by Banks
Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
Raining Blood by Slayer


4 Real by Destructo

David Draiman (from Disturbed)

Type O Negative by Black No. 1

Ben Burnley (from Breaking Benjamin)

Around the Fur by Deftones

Grace Helbig

“Jock Jams to really get it to be an athletic experience.”

Phil Collins
“As far as I know, it’s always been silent.”

Von Miller

“Anything by Sade’

Lauren Cohan

“2U4U by Slum Village”

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