Baby-making songs recommended by your favorite celebs for Valentine’s Day

The season of love is upon us, so what better way to get you and your significant other in the mood this Valentine’s Day than some baby-making tunes recommended by your favorite celebrities. From heavy metal to sensual R&B, we’ve got you covered.

Ryan Reynolds

Hold On by Wilson Phillips. “Isn’t it everyone’s?”

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Sweet Love by Anita Baker. “That’s how I made my first one”

Cesar Millan

“Anything by The Weeknd”

Zakk Wylde

Ram It Down by Judas Priest

Judd Apatow

I Will Be Here For You by Al Jarreau


My Love by Justin Timberlake

Cash Cash

F-ck Em Only We Know by Banks
Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
Raining Blood by Slayer


4 Real by Destructo

David Draiman (from Disturbed)

Type O Negative by Black No. 1

Ben Burnley (from Breaking Benjamin)

Around the Fur by Deftones

Grace Helbig

“Jock Jams to really get it to be an athletic experience.”

Phil Collins
“As far as I know, it’s always been silent.”

Von Miller

“Anything by Sade’

Lauren Cohan

“2U4U by Slum Village”

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