This week’s Press Pool with Julie Mason on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel saw a number of political types hopefully casting around for reconciliation on different fronts but finding mostly sorrow, or butterflies.

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida made news when he called President Obama “pathetic” for trying to mollify the art history community after disparaging the value of an art history degree. Justin Sink of The Hill joined Jules to mull the vicissitudes of forgiveness.

Jon Karl of ABC News took issue with President Obama’s total 180 on the merits of presidential orders — a practice Obama once found suspect but more recently very full of worth.

A summit of American leaders took the president to Mexico where a day of talks with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts didn’t produce much but did create a new task force to protect the monarch butterfly. Steve Thomma of McClatchy told Jules the three amigos are not in a great place, relationship-wise.

The uneasy feelings between LGBTs and conservatives is an on-again, off-again affair. Beth Reinhard of National Journal had a story about CPAC’s tentative embrace of one gay group ahead of this year’s big convention.

And both parties seized upon a Congressional Budget Office report on the proposed hike in the minimum wage, drawing very different conclusions and barking at each other in a familiar way. David Lauter of the Los Angeles Times described the spectacle.

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