The Arizona Cardinals are 3-9 and looking to make the best of what has been a disappointing season.

No one is more determined to get the most out of their final four games than quarterback Josh Rosen, who in 10 games (including nine starts) has completed 54.2 percent of his passes for 1,670 yards and 10 touchdowns, with 11 interceptions.

‘We’re kind of in a tough situation with our record and everything’

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. (SiriusXM NFL Radio Photo)

He’s one of many rookies in the lineup, but Rosen views the stretch run as being far more about the present than the future.

“We’re kind of in a tough situation with our record and everything, but from top to bottom, our team is still fighting like hell to win every game we can — offense, defense and special teams,” Rosen told Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Late Hits. “Two of our offensive linemen got here like two weeks ago, and then we started our right tackle and he got there on Thursday and we started him on Sunday. We turned over all five linemen.

‘We’re still chugging along’

“I, technically, wasn’t even supposed to be the starting quarterback. We’ve got a rookie playing at running back. We have two rookies that started at receiver, we’ve got rookies and second-year guys everywhere, we’re an unbelievably young team. We’ve turned over probably seven or eight of our starters that we’re supposed to be the starters. But we’re still chugging along and we’re still we’re still fighting like hell.”

“I just think I’ve gotten better at sort of my weekly preparation”

Rosen is happy with his progress, on and off the field.

‘I’ve kind of narrowed down my weekly routine’

“I just think I’ve gotten better at sort of my weekly preparation,” he said. “I’ve kind of narrowed down my weekly routine, I’ve gotten pretty good and efficient at it. I’ve gotten better at watching film, kind of figuring out what to look for and all that stuff. So, kind of a lot of little things on a weekly basis that I’ve just got gotten more efficient at.”

Rosen has found plenty of benefit since Byron Leftwich became the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator on Oct. 19, after the team fired Mike McCoy.

‘I think we’re a bit more detailed in our game plan’

“I think we’ve just kind of simplified a little bit and gotten to kind of the nuts and bolts of what we’re actually good at,” Rosen said. “Not just running plays to run plays. I think we’re a bit more detailed in our game plan to try to take advantage of what we’re good at, what we’re not good at, and sort of go from there. I think Byron’s got a really good demeanor on the sideline. He instills confidence, he’s been a quarterback in this league for a while, he’s good under pressure, he’s sort of a steady hand the helm.”

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