You beat one of the AFC’s best teams 42-7 to clinch a divisional title, you’re going to turn some heads. But are the 11-4 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl contenders? SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Booger McFarland thinks so.

McFarland said Tuesday that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, pointing to the team’s high-powered offense and disciplined defense.

“When they’re healthy – Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, Jason Witten, Williams, that offensive line – they are as good an offense as anybody in football. I think they’re a better offense than Denver,” McFarland said, “and here’s the reason why: because they can beat you in multiple ways. They can beat you with a tight end, they can beat you with one of the top five wide receivers in football, and they can beat you by bludgeoning you at the line of scrimmage.”

“Rod Marinelli, I think, is the best assistant coach in football, with what he’s done,” McFarland continued. “They don’t have a star on that defense right now, they don’t have that. But what they do have is they have a system and they have a guy leading this system in Rod Marinelli, and he’s gotten everybody to buy in to doing your job on every single play. And if every man does his job and don’t let the guy down next to him, we can play great team defense.”

What may be the X-factor for the Cowboys, says McFarland, is their Week 6 road win against the defending-champion Seattle Seahawks.

“Dallas got one of those confidence wins, much like Cincinnati got [Monday] night” against Denver, McFarland said. “Dallas got it early in the season when they beat Seattle, in Seattle. When you can go in there and beat the bully – because, let’s face it: that Seattle defense is the bully … – when you can go in there and do what they did in Seattle this year, it gave this team so much confidence.”

McFarland also heaped praise on Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, whom McFarland called one of the top five or six quarterbacks in football.

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