Last month, it was Steve Kerr. This month, it’s Sam Mitchell.

Sam  Mitchell

Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach Sam Mitchell.

Mitchell, a host on SiriusXM NBA Radio, confirmed on his program last week that he’ll join Flip Saunders’ staff as an assistant coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Mitchell is the second SiriusXM NBA Radio host to leave the channel to coach in the NBA this offseason, following Kerr, who was named head coach of the Golden State Warriors in May.

“I respect Flip as a coach, and as a man, and as a person,” Mitchell told Jason Goff on Off the Dribble. “It’s gonna further my basketball knowledge as far as me learning the game, and becoming even a better coach. I think I’m just continue continue to grow. I think as long as you coach, you can always open yourself and learn different things.”

Mitchell told Goff that his time in the media offered a few lessons he may take to the Timberwolves’ bench.

“The things I’ve learned throughout doing the TV and radio for the past 2 1/2 years is I’m watching and talking basketball, and watching different ways, so to speak, to skin a cat, and there’s not one way to do it right,” Mitchell said. “The key is finding what works for your team. You can’t take what the Chicago Bulls do, necessarily, and take it somewhere and it works. So you have to look at your personnel, and design things around them that fit them.”

In fact, Mitchell said, even callers taught the former player and coach a thing or two.

The thing I love about radio is that you have time to expound your ideas and your thoughts, and the callers call in with some very good things. And trust me, I learned from a lot of different entities and different people. And I want the callers to understand, there are times when you call in and make certain assessments that I have never thought of that way, but I agree with you.

Mitchell, who hosted Off the Dribble on SiriusXM Sports Zone before the launch of SiriusXM NBA Radio, also took time to reflect on the growth of the channel.

“I think about SiriusXM Radio as far as basketball talent, two years ago, when Justin Termine and I started with this, and we were doing two hours per day, five days per week,” Mitchell remembered. “Slowly and surely, now look where we are. Look at the amount of shows there are, look at the people that are working.

“And Jason, I’m gonna continue to do radio from time to time,” Mitchell continued. “I’m gonna continue to do this all the way up until it’s time for training camp. And hopefully, in my conversations with Flip in the future, there may be some opportunities for me to do it through the season. But I tell you, it’s been a blast, man.”

To congratulate Mitchell on his return to the NBA bench, tweet @SamMitchellNBA. Listen to SiriusXM NBA Radio on channel 217, and follow @SiriusXMNBA on Twitter.

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