Another day at the office: Obama’s former right-hand man tells all

Forget about your cubicle. For a few lucky people, work involves helicopter rides around the Egyptian pyramids and shooting hoops with the president. For six years, Reggie Love was one of those people.

Love served as President Barack Obama’s aide, first on the campaign trail and then in the White House. Meeting international leaders, lending ties and recommending music were just a few of the lighter tasks on Love’s agenda, all of which he lays out in his book Power Forward: My Presidential Education. Love recently talked about some of the most memorable moments on The Michael Smerconish Program.

“Early on in the campaign, I got to staff a meeting with the candidate [at the time] and Jay Z and Beyonce for drinks in New York one evening,” Love said. “It was one of the most amazing things — three of the most influential African American people sitting at a table, and you’re there having a conversation with them.”

Of course, with awesome perks comes a ton of pressure. Love, though a former Duke University basketball star turned political insider, told Smerconish he made a pretty big mistake: He forgot the president’s briefcase in the back of a car in Florida.

“I scrambled and I was calling everybody that I possibly could while the plane is streaming down the runway,” Love said. “When we landed in South Carolina, he says to me, ‘Reggie, where’s my bag?’…We had this deafening silence for the rest of the car ride.”

Hear how that one panned out:

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