Ann Coulter is a Dead Head, has large collection of Grateful Dead bootlegs

This might be news to some, but Ann Coulter, despite being a conservative pundit, is a major Grateful Dead fan. Ahead of the band’s final shows this year, she stopped by the SiriusXM Insight special, Sit Down With Alfred and Chris, to discuss the band and list some of her favorite songs while promoting her book, ¡Adios, America!.

“Loose Lucy was one that I particularly liked … Althea … they’re almost all Jerry songs,” she said when asked about her favorite tunes. “I have a bunch of the Sugar Magnolias, Fire on the Mountain. I dated a taper for a while, so I have an excellent collection of tapes, including Mickey Hart rapping Fire on the Mountain, which is so cool.”

Coulter also has a collection of tapes from Dead shows she attended back in the day.

“And I have to do something about all those tapes,” she said. “That’s something you guys can help me with because I think if I don’t get them transferred to a computer, they could disintegrate. I mean I guess you can get all this stuff on the Internet now, but it’s such a nice collection of tapes I have. Also, when I preserved them it’s very un-Dead like because it’s not preserving the concert exactly as it was played. I really just like to cut the space sections out. That’s when I’d go to the bathroom, get a hot dog.”

She goes on to talk about the parking lot scene, drug use, Dead Heads being “libertarians” and convincing Republican Senator Spencer Abraham  to pay tribute to Jerry Garcia.


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