Andrew Luck or JJ Watt: Who do you build your NFL franchise around?

T.Y. Hilton may have stolen the show Thursday night in Houston, but Andrew Luck and J.J. Watt were front-and-center as the Colts held off the Texans, 33-28. Luck finished 25-for-44 for 370 yards, three touchdowns and an interception; Watt recorded two sacks, three tackles for loss, recovered a fumble and scored a touchdown.

On the eve of the game, Evan Cohen raised the question to Steve Phillips and Mike Babchik on Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Evan & Phillips in the Morning: If you were to build an NFL franchise, would you prefer Colts quarterback Luck or Watt be the centerpiece?

Phillips: Andrew Luck

I think that ultimately, that I go with quarterback. I think the quarterback is the most important player on any football team. We’ve seen years where the Patriots have the worst defense in the league and Brady’s led them to a great season. We’ve seen that with Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay a few years back.

Babchik: JJ Watt

Right now, I think I take J.J. Watt. And that might seem crazy, but I actually think I can find another Andrew Luck before I find another J.J. Watt … What J.J. Watt does defensively, and you might say he only touches the ball one time a game or a couple times a game, he does way more than that. He does way more than we even see in the highlights on Sunday.

Cohen: Andrew Luck

I would take Luck, and the reason I would take Luck: I sit here, with Luck three years into his career, and I will easily say that if he doesn’t win a Super Bowl in the course of his career, I will be surprised. I just can’t say the same thing about Watt.

Which of the two franchise players would you pick to start your own team? Tweet your thoughts @MadDogRadio.

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